Antony Morato Spring - Summer 2020

 For his Spring and Summer Collection, Antony Morato has prepared a different collection for which he draws inspiration and ideas from the fashion trends of the 80s and 90s to the characteristic vintage style of the 50's, expressed in a refreshed and modern English preppy style.

The collection includes several sub-collections consisting of 5 daily sub-collections, 2 sports and one elegant, in which the costumes are the real star.


Essential 2.0

The main sub-collection of the brand for the season has a clean and confident look. The models included in it are born of a bold and successful mix of traditions and innovations.

The usual black and white combinations for the brand have been updated by mixing gray and silver with bright colors such as coral red and herbaceous green.

Natural fabrics like linen and cotton are essential for Essential 2.0. Thin, noisy and coated nylon jackets make the sub-collection different.

It is a product of the combination of natural and artificial, incorporating reflective applications and sports details.

The sub-collection has a wide variety of outerwear, lightweight and straight pants with ties and ergonomic biker pants.


3D Experience

The color selection for this sub-collection is inspired by the iconic blue and red colors of the 3D glasses, which were fashionable in the 80's and 90's.

The two main bright colors evoke a techno-pop atmosphere and perfectly match the emblematic combination of white and blue embedded in the brand's summer collection.

The theme is sporty and refreshed with camouflage patterns in red and light blue.

The 3D Experience is reminiscent of the Technicolor era, includes retro details, pop art prints on T-shirts. Dark, light blue and red striped shirts.



The spirit of this sub-collection was inspired by fashion in the 1950s American urban style.

Warm tones such as ivory and cocoa brown are combined with striped and geometric patterns.

The retro afro prints were inspired by the iconic, short sleeve shirts of the modern 1950s.

Suburbia, includes many items with unconventional but bold designs such as plaid costumes, soft bermuda pants, short colored linen jackets.

Stylish prints inspired by nature and stripes in pants and T-shirts that bring the spirit of casual vintage clothing.


Modern Preppy

Inspired by English golf style, in which pure colors such as dark blue, sky blue and white are mixed with golden yellow in polo shirts.

Constructive carriages, sporty details and clear clutter convey a new read on the style of the sub-collection.



Fluo Safari

The brand reinvents the traditional colonial style in selected items, in the classic beige and green colors that are blended with neon yellow, white, light blue and black.

In the sub-collection, typical military clothing meets street style, the result of which is many pockets in different shapes and sizes in trousers, shirts and T-shirts.

Fluo Safari also includes neon yellow reflective elements, a variety of ties, textile belts, synthetic fabrics and knits.


Sport, The Green Line

White, black, emerald green and silver are the main colors of this sports sub-collection, made of modern and bold outfit.

Color blocks, passing logo strips, sports details and side-by-side nets are the main highlights. Repeating brand logo, geometric and clean prints.


Sport, Heritage

The classic colors - dark and light blue, red and white give a relaxing look to this sports sub-collection, created for leisure and extremely comfortable to wear.

The clear and simple lines of the Heritage Collection combine the iconic style of the 70s with a contemporary look.



Includes a wide variety of costumes with different fabrics and designs ranging from classic multicolor and patterned semi-viscous to natural linen or cotton.

The collection includes a wide variety of shirts in rich colors, checkered or in a wide selection of prints.


The collection in availeble in Scandal stores

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