Georgina Rodriguez

Gallarate, March 2019. Cool, sensual and naturally elegant: Georgina Rodriguez, model and Instagram star, with around 10 million followers, is the face of the new Yamamay Spring/Summer 2019 campaign. Georgina is not only a natural beauty but also a family-conscious mother and a woman with a strong personality, which is why she perfectly embodies the values of Yamamay’s world.
The company's strong commitment to social issues has brought her into contact with the Italian lingerie brand. Georgina's interest in Yamamay stems from the company's dedication to women, through campaigns to raise awareness about the prevention of breast cancer, and to the planet, through the campaign for sustainability and the preservation of the marine environment #SavetheOcean, aimed at ensuring a better future for our children.
Spanish photographer Xavi Gordo was chosen thanks to his talent for capturing the most spontaneous and truest side of women. Georgina simply plays herself: a woman with an independent way of thinking and understanding style, a woman who chooses to express her sensuality in her own terms. The garments she wears are the result of research and innovation and are part of Yamamay's Basic and Spring/Summer 2019 collection, a soft,
comfortable and refined range created for the well-being of women and to enhance the
female form.
‘I'm happy to work with Yamamay. This campaign is so elegant, all models are beautiful
and comfortable. Yamamay is a company with values that I consider truly important, I
totally support their positive message and their strong social commitment.’
Georgina Rodriguez
‘We felt that Georgina would be perfect as the ambassador of our Spring/Summer 2019
collection, not just because of her natural beauty but also because of her strength in
conveying messages that are very important to us. Georgina, with around 10 million
followers on Instagram, knows how to interact with the new generations and make them
aware of issues that are very important to us, such as medical prevention and
environmental sustainability. This is why we decided to dedicate one of the campaign
images with Georgina to 'Ocean Reef', a bralette whose lace ruffle is made from recycled
fibres, which marks the beginning of a journey towards fashion that is increasingly
sustainable and respectful of the environment.’
Gianluigi Cimmino, Chairman of Pianoforte Holding

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