Liu Jo Better Denim 2020

Liu JO's cause for a more secure future is enshrined in the statement "Less impact, same style". Glitter and femininity can be expressed in love and respect for the environment - today more than ever.


Last season, Liu JO launched its unique and eco-sustainable denim cap Liu JO Better Denim, designed to minimize water, energy and chemical waste during production. This project is also being implemented for the new Spring / Summer 2020 collection, with the aim of once again focusing on respect for the planet by diversifying the cuts offered, increasing the number of new eco-friendly details and clothing created with a sustainable look that at the same time maintains the proven style and quality of the brand.


For a better future!

The pristine location chosen to capture the stones is an invitation to everyone to reduce their fast-paced daily, to listen to the gentle sounds of the water and to be intoxicated by the aroma of the flowers. Multisensory immersion helps everyone rediscover the nature and value of every action in it. Because we can be responsible and make the change, because together we can build a future in harmony with the planet: #BetterTogether.

The capsule is designed to exhibit resistance to the smallest detail - from fabric to label. Every detail of the garment is made in accordance with innovative techniques that reduce the use of chemicals in the production process, significantly saving water and energy.


- Denim is made with innovative technologies and sustainable materials

- The back label is made from pieces of apple bark

- The fully recyclable and biodegradable label is made from FSC certified paper made from 100% recycled fibers. Its symbol is a water droplet that represents the saving of water

- The buttons and zipper are made of natural aluminum alloy

- The main fabric is made of bio cotton and degradable polyester, the care label is made of degradable plastic material

- The seams come from cellulose fibers dyed with eco-resistant dyes

- The packaging and shopping bag are made from fully recycled materials


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