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The Church’s brand was founded in 1873 in Northampton, England by Thomas Church and his three sons, based on family experience in the production of handmade men’s shoes since 1675 - artisanal traditions and an unwavering dedication to quality and craftsmanship have been passed down from one family member and artisan to the next.  In the beginning of the 20th century, Church’s began exporting outside of Europe to the United States, Canada and South America, and received the prestigious Queen’s Award for Exports from Queen Elizabeth II in 1965. Church’s remains a recognized leader in the men’s handmade luxury footwear industry. Church’s luxury footwear is characterized by its classical style and sophisticated English elegance based on the combination of fine leather and high-quality craftsmanship. Church’s collections are designed to appeal to a clientele who appreciate high-quality shoes with modern style and elegance. Clients, with years of firsthand experience in the reliability and excellence of the Church’s product, readily convey their appreciation of an exquisitely made shoe to sons and grandsons alike, introducing them to the brand as if bequeathing a well-kept secret. The appeal of Church’s quite literally spans generations, bearing further testament to the versatility of our collections, attracting the seasoned buyer as easily as the dress shoe dilettante. Church’s shoes, on average, take about eight weeks and more than 250 manual operations to produce a single pair, constructed with the world-renowned Goodyear method that allows for refurbishment – even the most worn in pair will come back looking like new. In terms of aesthetic, the classic elegance of their design – some models have been around for over a century – is a trend that never goes out of style. Given the artisanal quality of our work, we can say with confidence that every shoe we craft is its own unique masterpiece. The integrity of Church’s, both as a brand and as a product, lies in its timelessness and its ability to transcend time, age and generations. 

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