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Brand History:

1885 - The talented craftsman Nazareno Mazza began producing shoes.

1960 - Vincenzo Mazza, son of Graziano and grandson of Nazareno, creates the "Endless" brand.

1981 - Vincenzo Graziano's son Mazza takes over the management of the company and industrializes the shoe industry.

1991 - Premiata as a brand is born. This is the beginning of the experimentation of new processes: washing the shoes, shabby look, etc.

1996 - Graziano decides to transfer Premiata's shoemaking traditions to rubber-soled shoes and thus the women's collection is born.

1999 - Graziano acquires a new company and the brand "Eva Turner"

Innovation today in the company while respecting the family tradition.


The brand's models are characterized by good craftsmanship, bearing an obsessive attention to detail, continuous development of shapes, experimentation with special treatments and finishes, technical research, refinement of new leathers, continuous training of new workers: this is the essence of PREMIATA.



PREMIATA sneakers are true design masterpieces that combine avant-garde and minimalist expression. Each model has been created with a single goal in mind: to combine the PREMIATA taste with the best technical features of sports shoes, lightness being one of them. They are distributed only in the best retail outlets in Italy and worldwide.

The brand's women's and men's sports shoe models for the Fall-Winter 22/23 season can be found in Scandal stores. Also coming soon to our online store:

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