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Diadora was founded in 1948 in Caerano di San Marco, which today is the world's leading area for the production of sports shoes. The brand was created in a workshop where hiking and work boots were made by hand.

The change in the production of sports shoes occurred in the 1960s, after acquiring several significant patents in the United States Diadora instantly distinguished itself with its superior quality and cutting-edge solutions.


"Sport is not just matter of results achieved, goals exceeded, records beaten, breaking limits. All sports teach us that every step, whatever may be, could be the most important on, in sport as well as in life. The performance of our next step can be decisive."


Purpose - Diadora exists so each step of ours can leave a mark.

Vision - to be by everyone's side and turn sport into a life philosophy for him.

Mission - design and manufacture of sports shoes and clothing designed to make every step of the user important. Investing in each product care and passion, creativity and ingenuity with the daily goal to make our steps in the world more sustainable.


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