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In 1926, French tennis player René Lacoste wore for the first time for his participation in the U.S. Open Championship a hand-sewn white T-shirt with a collar and three buttons, different from the then traditional tennis attire. It was made of light cotton jersey, making it comfortable to play in the heat.

Later, when René left the big sport, with the help of his friend André Gillier, the largest textile manufacturer in France, they created the company La Société Chemise Lacoste in 1933, which produced clothing for tennis and later for sailing and golf.

In 1951, the company expanded its activities and introduced coloured T-shirts as well as white ones.

Today Lacoste is a French company, owned by the Swiss holding Maus Frères since 2012. Clothing (especially polo shirts), footwear, perfumery (with the company Jean Patou), leather goods, watches and eyewear. The classic colours of the brand are: white (the colour worn by René), lemon green and magenta.

Lacoste's emblem is an embroidered crocodile. The logo comes from a bet between creator René Lacoste and his team captain, whereby upon winning a certain Davis Cup match, Lacoste would receive a crocodile skin briefcase.

It is a little known fact, however, that he did not win the basque, despite journalists often using the nickname "The Crocodile" for the French tennis player. According to another version, this nickname is due to his tough character and aggressive game.

Later, a friend of Lacoste named Robert Georges painted a crocodile that he embroidered on Lacoste's match jacket. After retiring from the sport and founding the company, the emblem became the first company insignia on a garment, displayed on the garment itself.

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