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Founder and President of Grotto Spa. Grotto is the driving force behind the GAS brand. Grotto started early with a passion for business and fashion, learning the ropes from the family retail business and the basics of fashion from his mother, owner of a haberdashery. After he came of age, he started to follow, almost for fun, music public relations which gave him a lifelong taste for young, hip fashion. Realizing that traditional clothes could never express youth culture, he gave his mother’s shop an extreme makeover and started selling jeans. Not content with what the market offered, in the early 70s he started on his entrepreneurial adventure setting an artisanal workshop making his own clothes. Some 10 years later, he set up the company Grotto in which all the phases of production are focused on creating collections aimed at consumers in search of original, quality garments that are also functional and versatile. By 1984 he made his dream come true with the launch of the GAS collection. Since then the GAS brand has continued to expand and evolve on an international level bringing its lines and its values in the major markets worldwide.

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