Yestalgic: Past meets present meets future

Yestalgic: Past meets present meets future


This capsule intertwines two stories that seek the most youthful, pure and colourful essence of Desigual.


‘It´s a Desigual revolution’.

This capsule, “Symbols”, focuses on garments and accessories with messages and elements that spark a revolution. Mottos like Liberté, Fraternité y Desigualité. Symbols of peace and love. Positivity. The importance of expressing yourself and looking on the bright side of life.

A highly colourful range with a hint of punk, featuring knit jackets, coats, dresses, T-shirts and loads of accessories. A standout is the blue two-piece suit with black details that showcases all of the collection’s messages.


And, in addition to all this: a competition. Two young designers: Rubén Zamora-Vargas who is of Cuban ancestry, and the Italian Giulia Venier. The Desigual archives. A new collection inspired by Desigual’s 90s DNA emerged from this magical combination. Just under a year ago, these young talents delved into the brand’s archives, soaking up its essence and mixing it with their roots.

This is how they created a collection based on patchwork, Desigual logos and iconic illustrations.


Their focus: denim overalls, unisex jumpers, illustrated T-shirts and denim jackets in oversize fits. Every garment is contemporary and oozes a style that is more Desigual than ever.


The capsule from the new Fall-Winter 2019 collection can be found at Desigual stores.

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