Dua Lipa x Pepe Jeans Fall-Winter 2020 is already here !!!

The DuaLipa x Pepe Jeans Autumn-Winter 20 Collection will take you back to the 90s and 00s with pieces inspired by the most memorable looks of the UK’s Britpop and R&B era. Enjoy another dose of nostalgia with a sexy, sophisticated feel.

Dua’slatest collection remixes some of the biggest fashion hits of the past. Cropped top and cardigan combos, extra-long sleeves, and oversized collars bring back nineties style in all its glory. Sexy and sparkly mini dresses are a must, with chainmail featured once more alongside a few sensual velvet numbers. Rediscover fine stripes, satin finishes, and unmistakably retro designs taken straight from the decade’s most iconic music videos.

The denim side of the collection is just as nostalgic, with jeans so baggy they’ll rekindle memories of your skater days. The sexy and suggestive tone continues in the form of jaw-dropping bodysuits and extraordinary jumpsuits with unique silhouettes. This season, expect raw denim in dark shades, with contrast white stitching that was so characteristic of the nineties.

The Dua Lipa x Pepe Jeans AW20 Campaign will take you on a trip down memory lane. Inspired by the rich historyof denim, Dua brings back some of the most iconic styles from the last decades. Fashions come and go, but jeans will always be a staple.
Each pair is producedusing Wiser Wash technology to reduce water consumption for greater sustainability.

The collection in available on Pape Jeans Paraise Center, Fusion stores, and our online stores: globalbrandsstore.com.

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