PONY SS 2019
1972 - Founded on Madison Avenue in New York as the original sneakers designed for real people. PONY was initially launched as an athletic footwear brand.
1976 - Pele scores his world record 1250th goal and was awarded with a golden replica of the PONY boot he wore during that feat.
1978 - PONY shoes were spotted on both Larry Holmes and Ken Norton in their WBC heavyweight title bout.
1979 - David Thompson joined the PONY team and wins the NBA All Star game MVP award, all on the same day.
1980 - The New York Cosmos win their fourth NASL title with all the goals in the finals scored by PONY athletes, Chinaglia and Romero.
1981 - Sporting her PONY shoes, Tracy Austin claims another U.S. Open title.
1986 - Spud Webb, all 5’ 7” of him, soars above giants to take out the NBA Slam Dunk title in his PONY City Wings.
2001 - PONY shoes were seen on Kristen Stewart, Justin Timberlake, Paris Hilton, Blink 182 and other celebrities.
2005 - PONY teams up with rap icon Snoop Dogg to release his Doggy Biscuitz sneaker line.
2012 - PONY turns 40 book
2019 - PONY and its forward-pointing chevron continues to cement its relevance as the original sneakers for real people.


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