Trussardi Jeans SS18


The Trussardi Jeans Womenswear breaks the barriers to reach new opportunities, with the classic style fusing with modern influences and urban style.

The Spring- Summer collection has brought oceans and skyscrapers together within an eclectic wardrobe that has never forgotten its roots. Its Italian roots. Its Milanese roots.

The Trussardi Jeans Menswear is contemporary and draws inspiration from an adventurous journey filled with details.

From the deserts of Australia to the towering waves of the ocean, surf and beach life become part of the rushed pace of everyday life and complement the metropolitan style.

Avant-garde geometric shapes feature in the classic cuts of the ready-to-wear, giving new scope to men’s everyday life.

Trussardi Jeans accessories enhance and embellish the travel outfits.

Desert flowers meet on light fabrics in shades of yellow with contrasting blue and pastel colours in grunge looks.


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