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Think you know sportswear? Well, think again… Introducing Plein Sport, the world’s first luxury active sportswear brand. And with a mantra like First Rule: No Rules, expect the unexpected.

Plein Sport is not a second line from Philipp Plein. It is a standalone brand, a completely original concept and an entirely independent entity. It might share Philipp Plein’s inimitable DNA – that uncompromising rebel spirit with a taste for ultra-luxe – but Plein Sport is something truly unique.

It is not a fashion collection. There are no leather jackets, studs, denim shirts, skulls or any of the iconic signatures synonymous with Philipp Plein. Plein Sport is conceived, designed and produced purely for action. It’s the real deal for workouts: using cutting-edge technology, these pieces are built for performance and made for hitting the gym – not the street or runway. For the first time in the sports market, the seductive feel of luxury is fused with hardcore functionality.

Plein Sport is inspired by the renegade stars of extreme sport, the base-jumpers and house-runners who push themselves to the limit and beyond, the death-defying daredevils who challenge the authorities in their search for the ultimate rush. These are the heroes of Plein Sport: fast, tough and aggressive, all qualities embodied in the brand’s tiger emblem.

Remember: it’s survival of the fittest out there. So make sure you train in the best.


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