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Founded in 1994 in Portugal, Salsa Jeans is a company specializing in the development and creation of ultra-comfortable denim clothing for men and women, the result of many years of laboratory research to create high-quality and diverse cut and model denim that would satisfy even the most capricious taste.
What distinguishes the brand from other global denim companies are the cuts of the models, adapted to the different types of figures, taking care that the customers feel comfortable and be themselves in each of their denim models.
The success of Salsa Jeans to establish itself as one of the most comfortable denim brands lies in the constant updating of operations and technologies in their production. The quality control during their industrial washing and finishing works is at a world level. The continuous improvement of the durability of materials carried out in our own research laboratories is a guarantee for the quality and uniqueness of each product. The brand replaces the well-known method of washing denim with the help of stones, which allows saving (so far) up to 62% of the water used. But the company promises not to stop there ...
Almost 100% of Salsa denim is produced by local suppliers in northern Portugal, which minimizes the impact on the environment.

The cuts that will be your true friends are:

PUSH UP / wonder
Flatters your silhouette, highlighting the curves of your body. Design provides a push up effect that creates more volume. Medium and High waist.

PUSH IN / secrets
The high waist jeans that give a smooth tummy tuck effect with a 360º internal panel. Subtle push up effect and larger back pockets.

Modern, young look with a push in effect. The secret is up to us. Enjoy your glamour.


For its more than 25-year tradition Salsa Jeans

- Produces 5,000 pairs of denim per day, 25,000 per week;
- There are over 40 different cuts;
- Over 2000 multibrand clients;
- Offering in over 35 countries;
- 27 different fabrics;
- Over 100 Salsa Jeans stores;
- Over 2.5 million models sold with the Push Up Wonder pattern;

The Salsa Jeans collection can be found in all Fusion stores, as well as in the Scandal The Mall, Scandal Park Center, Scandal Markovo Tepe Plovdiv and Scandal Delta Planet Varna store.


 Put your figure in the hands of Salsa Jeans.

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