Emporio Armani FW 2021

Born in Piacenza, Giorgio Armani, but established his empire and new home in the forever-working city of Milan. Self-described as a homemaker, he gave a compelling interview with his fellow countrywoman - fashionable celebrity editor Paola Polo of Corriere della Sera - over the past week, saying that at 85, one of his fears was how to "disappear without it reflected the work and the name I built and those who helped me build it. " What he confessed to the editor is something he thinks about when he sleeps and when he wakes up in the morning. He also added "I don't control much these days" (a statement that Polo correctly called dubious); adding, "This is my life. Only work only. I don't go out at night. I missed many opportunities ... but I prefer the things I do speak for themselves. "
What the Emporio Armani FW20-21 collection expresses on behalf of its author is that those nights spent in solitude and thoughts of work lead to an abundance of bubbling ideas that were presented in a fashion show on January 10, 2020. is in a brilliant spectacle of the presentation of the Autumn - Winter Collection 2020/2021.
A breaking show that combines many collections for an unforgettable EA experience. This is how the view can be determined.
The models wandered into a specially crafted O-shaped scene, on the side of which multimedia aired the branding of the brand.
Emporio's collection contained several major themes. The first two gray models were impressive in combination with the many pockets and the soft silhouette of Armani's shoulders, preparing all the spectators for the upcoming hybrid models in the collection and the surprises that were ruffled.
Wide jackets in a gray, red and blue-red box and with an original buttoned strap on the inside exuded confidence and masculinity.
Loose jackets with asymmetrical zipper with double leather collar.
Fishbone finds a wide resonance throughout the collection in a wide variety of clothing, from jackets, coats, blouses, and pants.
The down jackets were presented with a new read - a hybrid mix between jacket and jacket.
Soft outerwear similar to the look and feel of a home robe gave a relaxing look to any of the sets.
Several classic costume designs were paired with fine silk high collar shirts.
A shiny jacket with a scarf collar, combined with striped trousers and a sleek shirt, marked the beginning of a series of several similar sets in the collection.
The classic Armani-like look was fresh and boldly mixed with small leather bags made with metallic elements that could also be found on men's shoes and belts.
Wide sleeveless trousers falling down the legs freely. Elegant plaid single or double row fastening jackets, combined with practical backpacks and bags. A jacket with ornately stitched stones, breaking the ice and turning every jacket into a unique one with which one can not go unnoticed by the man who chose Armani as his brand.

A lot of of baseball hybrid jackets / parks made of buffalo fur have enriched the collection, breaking the stereotype and reinforcing the thesis that every Emporio Armani fashion show turns from a show into a spectacle.
Sweaters were presented in a variety - a blouse providing softness and warmth.
A long, sleeveless down jacket, buttoned like a parachute in the garret, in combination with a helmet and ski goggles, shot the audience high. A few more models followed, with the same theme to be transferred to the next theme in the collection.
A wide red fluffy scarf, combined with a gray set of short-ribbed bones and trousers, is euphoric.
It was a bold decision to create a gray shiny fish-bone coat with black leather pants.
The hybrid models in the collection, as always, emphasized the uniqueness of the Armani. Bold combinations of inter-parks / coat jackets / fluff.
A specially crafted black leather jacket transforms the skin into a figure-playing game.
Velvet trousers boldly tucked into high-heeled boots with metallic elements, also featured in a short jacket top with the familiar side-shifted zipper familiar from Armani's previous collections.
Striped, flared trousers with skirts, expertly combined with short jackets and jackets, exude the elegance and confidence that characterize the brand's collections.
Small neat bags attached to the neck of the models, combined with baseball jackets and pleated pants, exuded courage and masculinity.
At the end of the collection was presented the P-EA (recycled Emporio Armani) capsule of a collection made of recycled materials turned into streetwear - wide cuts, lots of pockets in vests, jackets, cargo pants, blouses and bags of fabric.
Emporio Armani promises an unforgettable winter collection for the confident man, emphasizing fish bone, squares, stripes and buffalo hair. Small handbags, leather backpacks and business bags. Shoes in black and burgundy with metallic elements, with the typical high heeled shoe and high center zipper high boots.
The Autumn - Winter Collection 2020-2021 will remain in the minds of every viewer with the courage and determination inherent in Armani. Any man who trusts Emporio Armani can find everything they need in a collection that is made up of many themes and subtopics. As one of the fashion critics would say, it was not a collection, but a collection. The models were memorable and different in appearance and style.


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