Our differences make us equal!


We’re voicing our support for equality in the new AW18 campaign to break away from the conventional and embrace the purest Desigual style.


Desigual is different. This is, and always has been, our name, our slogan and our main trademark. It is this difference that, over our almost 30-year history, has given us the freedom to play with colours and prints, to distance ourselves from the traditional and to create a unique and inimitable identity.

Our new campaign is a strong demand for diversity and tolerance: “Share The Power!”. Share the power. Share your power of being different and unique. We are looking to showcase the unique powers of every individual, praising the differences that make us all equal.

This is why, more than ever, this campaign celebrates difference and demands equality, diversity and tolerance. A message that challenges everyone and is free of prejudices, conventions and stereotypes. Because beauty is being different, being Desigual.



Under the artistic direction of the multifaceted Jean-Paul Goude, we’re redefining the symbol of equality, combined with a reinterpreted symbol of universal love.

The icon, the symbol of universal love, began as a heart and evolved into a universal symbol that covers all genders, because at Desigual, we are proud of the fact that we dress people, not bodies.


The new AW18 campaign aims to share this idea with everyone who wants to make the world a better place, based on universal love and equality.

We at Desigual ask you to be proud of your differences and to share them in positive ways to join in, inspire and make changes for the better.



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