EDIT Collection Yamamay

For the second consecutive year, Yamamay launches its beachwear capsule collection, designed with textile circularity in mind

The EDIT collection (Eco-Designed Innovative Textile) continues the journey towards sustainability, focusing on recycling, innovation and waste reduction.

The collection has been created following the principles of eco-design and is made from 100% monopolymer fabric (polyester), 51% of which comes from recycled sources with GRS (Global Recycled Standard) certification.

Eco-design reduces the number of elements needed in the manufacture of swimming costumes and eliminates all the accessories.

For the fashion sector, the second most polluting industry in the world, this represents a huge innovation in terms of sustainability.

This innovation consists in reducing the use of virgin materials in favour of recycled fabrics and in ensuring that costumes can be easily recycled, once they have reached the end of their life, thanks to the use of one single material – in this way guaranteeing the product’s circularity. Yamamay has committed itself to acting responsibly by taking the entire manufacturing process into account - from design to production and including the distribution of its products. The foundation for taking care of products at the end of their life is therefore established, with the use of monopolymer fabrics facilitating recycling.

The EDIT collection is innovative not only because monopolymer fabric is used and accessories have been eliminated, but also because a new technique, Windye®, has been adopted for the double print. As a result, costumes are reversible with two different patterns, simultaneously printed using a sublimation process and without the use of water.

The swimming costume is available in yamamay stores and online at yamamay.com and can be found in two models (bikini and swimsuit). The single collection features the colours light blue, lilac and white, reflecting the tonalities and shapes of the sea. Models are available from sizes S - L.

In preparation for the change in regulations relating to the EU Strategy for Sustainable and Circular Textiles, respecting Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), a Take Back model has been developed to involve consumers directly, increasing their awareness that a difference can be made even on a small scale.

For this occasion, Yamamay, partner of the One Ocean Foundation, has participated in the first edition of Ocean Week Milan, an event organised by the Foundation. The project consists of a series of activities taking place across the city of Milan, aimed at raising people’s awareness of the importance of oceans and the resources it offers for the improvement of our quality of life. Yamamay has decided to contribute to the project by featuring a museum installation at its Milano Cordusio store. This was part of the recent exhibition of the brand’s swimming costumes held at ADI Museum del Compasso d’Oro in Milan.

Yamamay’s EDIT project has several partners, including RadiciGroup for the production of the yarn, Carvico SpA for the fabric, Menphis SpA for the printing and the Ergo Srl spin off, Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, for the technical and legal consultation on circular model management. It can certainly be said that the collection is the outcome of collaborative effort involving the sharing of the competence of all the actors and thanks to our Open Innovation approach.

“The challenge is to invest our energies in developing new recipes, where even the ingredients have changed. This is extremely interesting because it gives us the opportunity, above all, to explore ourselves and the different future that awaits us – looking closely at the impact we have, the protection of nature and human happiness. Customers must be able to trace the journey of each product, understand why it was manufactured and what its life cycle consists of. This information must be easily available, promoting the freedom of each individual to select and choose the most virtuous companies when it comes to sustainable growth, those that explain their aims and KPIs regarding sustainability with continuous, transparent media feeds across all channels or by means of their own staff.”

Barbara Cimmino Head of Corporate Social Responsibility and Innovation Yamamay


The collection can be found in the brand's stores in Paradise Center Sofia, Mall Markovo Tepe Plovdiv and Delta Planet Varna, as well as in our online store: www.globalbrandsstore.com




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