Yamamay & Pets Rock - FW20

Yamamay is releasing a brand-new capsule collection as part of Fall/Winter 2020 preview, developed in collaboration with 'Pets Rock'. The British brand is world-wide renown for mixing the most famous characters of all times with the funniest traits of our pets, to create the coolest pop culture characters on Earth. 
The items, funny and colorful, features the images inspired by famous singers, actresses and stars of the fashion system of all times. Some visual clues help us to recognize these cosplay pets: platinum blonde hair in a bow hairdo immediately reminds us of the Queen of Pop, a classy cat wearing a pearl necklace in a black evening gown is for sure a famous English actress, a bright red jacket takes us back to one of the most famous male pop singers of the 20th Century, a colorful tricot beanie makes us feel reggae music in the air, and so on and so forth throughout the entire collection.
“We are excited to be working with Yamamay on this fun collection. Who wouldn’t want these items to snuggle down in at home? Thanks to the expertise of Yamamay the products will surely be a great success.” Kate Polyblank, Managing Director Takkoda - Pets Rock.
‘We decided to dedicate a capsule collection to the stars of Pets Rock because we believe it's a new and funny way to experience those pop culture icons that are part of our present and past. These characters, that combine two apparently different universes, the animal world and the one of celebrities and VIPs, create an ironic effect that plays on a subtle humor, typically British, that we are sure that our Italian and foreign customers will appreciate. When we were offered this collaboration we thought it would have been perfect for our audience, and it seems that now it will be even more: after such harsh times, we definitely need to add to our days a bit of lightness, positivity and humor.' Gianluigi Cimmino, CEO of Pianoforte Holding.

The capsule is available on Yamamay stores in Delta Planet Varna and Markovo Tepe Plovdiv.

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